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toughTrough GmbH /// Rethinking Solar Energy


With our innovative approach and product design we want to contribute to meet one of the most pressing challenges of our time – the sustainable future of the world's energy supply. Our goal is to support the further development of renewable energy technologies in a reliable and cost-effective way and to act eco-friendly as well as socially and economically responsible.

To keep greenhouse gas emissions as low as possible, we are engaged in a systematic calculation and publication of specific values of our products. Even though there is no standardized method for the determination of the total set of emissions yet, we consider it our responsibility to handle the Carbon Footprint of our industrial products openly. The Carbon Footprint gained importance over the past years as an appropriate instrument to evaluate climate impacts of products, services, and everyday human behavior.

Our long-term objective is to keep the emissions during the whole manufacturing process and life cycle of our solar mirrors as low as possible. Therefore we are constantly updating and optimizing our practices and apply these high standards on our suppliers and partners as well. With our products for the employment in solar power plants we help reduce carbon emissions in the long run – this is our contribution to reach worldwide climate goals.

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