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Wind Tunnel Testing

Wind tunnel tests are generally used for aerodynamic studies on solid objects to analyze their specific characteristics when exposed to environmental wind conditions. By measuring forces, moments and pressures, you can identify loads on buildings, automobiles or even solar power plants, the latter being our specialty. Thus, areas that need further reinforcement are identified as well as areas where lower wind loads allow the reduction of building materials, and therefore, of costs.

toughTrough GmbH is an expert in performing wind tunnel testing, starting with the setup of test plants, model construction and manufacturing, to the testing itself and the respective final data acquisition and evaluation. We are specialized in carrying out measurements on individually designed models of parabolic troughs, heliostats or other solar mirror systems for our customers. The resulting expert wind reports can be perfectly used as a design basis for new solar thermal and photovoltaic projects or for optimizing existing plants.

Wind Tunnel Testing Info Sheet