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Sand Abrasion

Most surfaces are very vulnerable to dust and dirt, causing fine scratches which may well reduce the quality of the material. Solar thermal mirror systems are particularly prone to these harmful environmental conditions, as reflectivity is a crucial criterion for their productivity. Thus, surface abrasion tests are essential in order to optimize the efficiency of solar power plants.

In response to this, toughTrough GmbH offers abrasion testing with a special test facility designed by its parent company machtTechnik AG: the Sand-Trickling-Tester SANDER.

Inside a closed booth, sand falls freely on one or several specimen simultaneously, with velocities ranging from a few millimeters to seven meters per second. The facility's granulate transport system allows both batch and continuous operation. The SANDER is well-suited for accelerated lifetime abrasion tests, specimen preparation according to DIN 52 348, and for wear and scratch resistance tests.

Our comprehensive service package is the ideal solution for abrasion testing as it includes not only practical testing, but also detailed documentation of the results.