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toughTrough GmbH /// Rethinking Solar Energy

Solar Mirror System

Efficiency and reliability throughout its operational life time – these are the most important criteria for successfully maintaining CSP power plants, both from an economic and technical point of view.

Benefiting from the experience in wind tunnel and materials testing, toughTrough GmbH has developed a robust and efficient solar mirror system, which is particularly distinguished by its revolutionary light-weight construction. The toughTrough® mirror system is the joint venture's solution for solar thermal collectors – regarding parabolic troughs, heliostats, Fresnel as well as dishes. As solar thermal power plants are mainly assembled in arid environments they are constantly exposed to harsh environmental influences – such as wind loads, hailstorms and sand abrasion – that can cause serious damage to the mirror system.

The result of our research and development is a mirror system that saves up to 75% of weight and is particularly more robust than common systems at the same time.

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/// Heliostat

/// Dish

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