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toughTrough GmbH /// Rethinking Solar Energy

About Us

toughTrough GmbH is a global acting company on the solar energy market, uniting the competencies of two well-established German enterprises. Founded in 2011 after years of close cooperation, toughTrough is a joint venture of the shareholder of machtTechnik AG, Bremen, and Brüggen GmbH, Herzlake.

Working on engineering, research, and development services in the solar field, toughTrough offers innovative solutions for customized light-weight solar applications, since we are specialized in the production and manufacturing of large light-weight structures.

With overall 1,240 employees and an annual turnover of more than MEUR 211*, the partners provide extended management, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities to fulfill the overall solar power project requirement – from delivery of OEM mirror systems to overall turnkey solar fields.

(* Status 2011)


machtTechnik AG, Bremen, Germany

Engineering specialist in research and development, construction and design of components and systems within renewable energies, aerodynamics, aero- and astronautics. Among our customers you will find all renowned companies as well as research institutes, universities, and ministries in Europe.


Brueggen GmbH, Herzlake, Germany

Production specialist in light-weight sandwich structures and steelwork for components and systems of logistical and commercial vehicle. Providing all services in the supply chain of the production of complete vehicle bodies, related services, and aftersales support.



Network & Partners

toughTrough GmbH works within a strong network of medium and large-sized enterprises that includes world-leading companies from the complete supply chain of renewable energies. It is this strong community of expert partners that guarantees high quality for our customers.